USB-C on all Ring products

It is 2023, and it is long overdue for Ring products to switch to have USB-C connectors on their product

Currently Ring products still use Micro-USB as connectors for batteries and some wired products.

I have a whole set-up of RING devices at home with security plan subscription. I was about to buy an indoor Ring camera plug-in, and as I was looking into the technical specs, I noticed that it is still using a micro-USB plug! That is shocking to me in 2023.

Not only from a technical perspective, but from an environmental perspective: USB-C is now the de-facto norm in terms of USB connectors, allowing to use less cables because of differences of connectors.

Even Apple will switch their iPhone connector in 2023 from Lightning to USB-C to comply with the European Union regulation.

Ring is literally the only reason I still have Micro-USB cables at home!!!

It’s time for Ring to catch up to 2023 for all USB connectors on your CAMERAS & BATTERIES!


I agree. I created an account just to ask Ring why they were hanging on to 2019 technology.

I didn’t even think to look at the inputs before buying the set because it was from a well-known brand. I just took it for granted. Even cheap Chinese import devices use USB-C. I was pretty dissatisfied that I need to hold on to yesteryear technology.

Yes I was disppointed to see Micro USB, after I got “Battery Video Doorbell Plus”.
“Ring” please raise your bar.

The ancient USB Micro charging port on the Batteries is a real pain. Everything else uses USB C, so you have to hunt up an adapter to charge a Ring Battery. Then you have to get your glasses our to orient the adapter connector to match the position of the Battery port - all not necessary if the Batteries just used current technology USB C charging ports. Time to update to at least 2019 tech.


Nowadays most of households and even cell phone companies moved to USB TYPE C port. It will be ideal if we have TYPE C port for battery charging option, this will avoid the need for user maintain both micro B cable & latest TYPE C cables.

Or small Micro B to Type C converter in package may be an ideal option.

100% agree!! I noticed that one of my batteries wasn’t charging properly and that the doorbell kept going offline. I swapped the battery for a slightly newer one and it worked ok. I thought the battery might not be fully charged so I went to charge it and noticed that the connector was “wobbly”. A little bit of net research and it is clear that micro USB is far less sturdy and reliable than USB C.
Conclusion, I won’t be buying any more Ring products until they switch to USB C, even if this means swapping to an alternative device/ manufacturer when this one fails terminally (which it will, eventually).
Come on Ring, get your act together and update your technology or you will start losing customers.
Ps have also cancelled subscription following recent outrageous price hikes. So the USB C thing might be a moot point if Ring continue to try and rip people off with subscription increases!