USB-C on all Ring products

It is 2023, and it is long overdue for Ring products to switch to have USB-C connectors on their product

Currently Ring products still use Micro-USB as connectors for batteries and some wired products.

I have a whole set-up of RING devices at home with security plan subscription. I was about to buy an indoor Ring camera plug-in, and as I was looking into the technical specs, I noticed that it is still using a micro-USB plug! That is shocking to me in 2023.

Not only from a technical perspective, but from an environmental perspective: USB-C is now the de-facto norm in terms of USB connectors, allowing to use less cables because of differences of connectors.

Even Apple will switch their iPhone connector in 2023 from Lightning to USB-C to comply with the European Union regulation.

Ring is literally the only reason I still have Micro-USB cables at home!!!

It’s time for Ring to catch up to 2023 for all USB connectors on your CAMERAS & BATTERIES!