US Ring Retrofit Kit and UK Ring Alarm System

I bought a US Ring Retrofit kit and tried to connect it to a UK Ring Alarm system. It gives an alert saying that I can not connect different regional devices to the UK Ring Alarm system. Anyone have any luck hacking the US Ring Retrofit kit to work in the UK?

I haven’t any first-hand experience of the above. However, the issue will be the Z-Wave transceiver will be for the US frequencies not European ones. Maybe you could cannibalise the Z-Wave transceiver from a European pir detector and transplant it into the US Retrokit device. Some devices (don’t know about Ring) have the Z-Wave modules mounted as a small sub PCB. I would definitely be interested in learning the outcome for this.

I just wish Ring in Europe / (UK) would at least give us a heads up and approximate time frame of what US products they intend to bring to Europe / (UK) the retro kit and at least a PA button are two devices that are certainly missing from their European / (UK) portfolio.

Hi Griz,
My sense from opening the Retrofit unit - that it does have all the chipsets - including EU. It appears to me that Amazon/Ring have disabled it via firmware based on location. Therefore, my guess is that it is a certification and testing issue for Amazon/Ring in Europe. The question is how long does this take - with COVID, working from home, etc - for an update be released.

Thanks for the reply.
That’s interesting in that case there is no reason they couldn’t release the Retrofit unit in the UK/Europe etc. As I said previously it would be nice if they just gave us a ‘heads up’ of when these products may arrive here. Let’s hope it is down to Covid etc and we do get access to the wider range of products that we see on the US website.

The availability of our devices can differ by region, which will also determine the ability to use it in your region. Ring devices are designed specifically with regulations and other capabilities of a region in mind. Thus, we advise using Ring devices in the region it is intended for, otherwise it will likely not operate properly and would not be supported.

The Retrofit Kit is for the US only at this time. Find more information about it at
Retrofit Alarm Kit | Wired to Wireless Bridge | Ring

@Marley_Ring - thank you completely understand - I would not be hacking a US Retrofit Kit for the UK market if one was available for the UK. Can you give me a date on the UK version? thank you.