Update Ring and SmartThings integration

Please update smartthings integration so it can output current mode alarm status (Armed Away, Armed Home, Disarmed, Alarm Triggered). I would like to be able to use Ring Alarm’s Mode to set my Smartthing Home Monitor Monitor. I understand you would not want ST to control Ring modes as this would be a security risk and am fine with this.


Hello Ring Staffs,
In the future, please expand/update works with ring and Smartthings (ST) integration, where the users can use ring motion sensors, contact sensors, and flood & freeze sensors to trigger automatons within the SmartThings app. The newly updated ST allows so many automatons within the ST app, such as triggering lights to be turned on and off or changing the color of the lights based on sensors. Also, ST has an automation app called ST Home Monitor, where you can arm/disarm many sensors that are compatible with ST. If ring alarm integration expands further with ST Home Monitor, users can not only arm and disarm ring alarm within the ST app but also use ring sensors for other critical features with hundreds of ST compatible devices. For example, when the ring alarm goes on, ST can have smart lights turn on to alert the user from the intrusion, or when the smoke & the carbon monoxide is detected, ST can have the smart lights turn red and stop the smart thermostats immediately. Smart appliances such as Samsung appliances (fridge, dishwasher, oven, cooktop, microwave, washer, dryer, tv, air purifier, etc.) can also be controlled with ring sensors, too! Please please please make this integration come to a reality. It will surely redefine the smart home!
Thank you for your time to read this suggestion, and I eagerly look forward to the updated integration of ring alarm and SmartThings.

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Please make the ring app compatible with Samsung watch so can be viewed. There is an app called ring viewer but doesn’t show live on watch.
Also to make all ring devices to be compatible with smartthings.
Works on my wife’s iPhone and apple watch but nothing for samsung watch and smartthings.
I bought the ring camera today because smartthings said it worked (not much does) and when I set it up I discovered only 3 ring cameras are compatible which is outrageous!!

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I have been back and forth with Ring and smartthings regarding who is responsible for integration with Smartthings.

Can the gen 2 doorbell please be added to support smartthings please?


Chime Pro integration with SmartThings

To add a ring chime pro to act as an indoor siren with smartthings


First of all, I LOVE the new modes feature. I am using it while I work in the yard, now that the weather is nice. Now, I think you are owned by Google for Alexa but there is integration on Samsung SmartThings with Ring and I will also be posting this topic in Samsung’s forum.

But, it would be awesome if you allowed other smart home universes to be able to modify the mode on Ring, like they modify the devices (lights on/off, motion detect, etc.). For instances, it would be great to have routines set the Ring mode to disarm if you are entertaining or set it to home when you get home from work or set it to away when you leave the location and automatically pick which cameras go active.


As the title says really, not sure what else needs to be added. It would be fantastic to be able to make my chime ring with different chimes to alert me of things happening in my SmartThings home.


Desperate to be able to use my chimes via smartthings so that they can be used for other things apart from someone at the front door. Guys this would open your product up to so much other stuff!

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