Unable to view recordings or use Live View today

Unable to view recordings or use Live View…

Had the Ring doorbell for over a year -

Today I cannot review recordings or use Live View in the Ring app on my Samsung Galaxy A54… still works on my Wife’s Samsung Galaxy A10???

A few seconds after tapping a recording in the History list the attached Error message appears on-screen! I have tried all troubleshooting tips I can find, plus uninstalling and reinstalling the app, rebooting phone etc ???

Hi @user12385. I’d suggest checking that you have the latest version of the Ring app available from your phone’s app store. Verify that your phone’s software is on the latest version as well. This is important for optimal performance of the Ring app. Lastly, make sure your phone has a strong internet connection through either wifi or mobile data.

If this issue persists after ensuring everything is updated and your connection is good, it would be best to follow up with our support team to look into this more closely. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.