UK - Smart Locks. Worth trying to get Ring compatible?

Hi all.

I have the Ring HD3 doorbell, Chime and security starter pack. We’re looking to add a smart doorlock too. Is it worth trying to find a lock that plays nice with Ring? Or am I best just ignoring Ring and having it separate?

@deanATW I am not sure which if any work with Ring in the UK. Smartlocks aren’t as big of a market here as a large portion of homes have multi point locks. Getting these to work under power is harder than a standard single point lock and would use a lot more power. There is a Yale solution plus a few others which do it but there is far less choice. Not to say all doors in the UK are multipoint with euro locks but a lot are including almost all new homes.


Ok, thank you. It sounds like it’s way more hassle than it’s worth. We do have the multi point locks :frowning:

@deanATW I have looked into it a few times myself but there was never an option that did everything I wanted. The Yale solution I think is about the best option for the UK multi point locks which is battery powered. There are also electric multi point locks but these require mains wiring to your door and I am unsure about their “smart” functions.

I have the yale connexis l1 and it works just fine with my alarm. You will need the zwave 2 module as well for it. As stated, you can remotely unlock, but if you don’t lift the handle afterwards then the lock cannot re-lock. Mine is set to auto relock when you lift the handle, so its easy enough if you are familiar with it.

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