Uk fire alarm

I really like the app. It’s so good. I really like the ring alarm system. I think it’s fantastic and so easy to use. I have sensors, motion detectors and internal and external cameras throughout my house. It’s wonderful. There is just one think missing. A fire alarm for the Uk. This would make the system complete and most important it would make the system a real market leader here in the Uk. I have seen lots of comments regarding this and all users are saying the same. Please please allow us in the Uk and EU to add a z-wave fire/smoke detector to our system or at least get your ‘listener’ working for Uk frequency.


If you tell the ring website you are in the US you can see a whole host of extra features for the alarm system including the first alert fire/CO alarm. I too would like these features in the UK and I know others have asked for it on here, so come on RING get the UK and EU caught up with what you have in the US.


The legal standards for fire alarms are very strict. They couldn’t just allow a smoke detector to set off your alarm as it probably wouldn’t pass the standards.

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Any update on zwave fire alarm / co alarm support in the UK?

Ring never pre-releases any information in these forums. You’ll just have to wait for a general announcement/press release when/if this (or any) feature is made available.