UK cellular backup - only one bar on EE

Hi, folks.

I’m new to Ring with two weeks remaining of my trial.

I’m concerned that the cellular backup of my system relies on EE (the poorest cellular signal in my area) which shows only one bar no matter where I position the base unit in my house.

It would appear that EE is the default cellular back up with no option to change to either 02 or Vodafone, both of which offer excellent coverage in my area. Is there anything that can be done?

I really like the system and have invested heavily but am conflicted about the lack of EE cellular signal for obvious reasons.

Grateful for any advice by return.


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Hi @PTfromBT. The Ring Alarm Base Station SIM card will automatically connect to the cell tower it can reach first. We are not able to change what cell tower it connects to. You can try moving your Base Station to a different part of your house and rebooting it to see if it will reconnect to a different cell tower.

Hi Justin.

Thanks for coming back to me.

I have tried this and irrespective of where I locate the Base Station in my house it never connects to anything but EE with between one and two bars of signal strength. This despite the fact that Vodafone, 02 and 3 networks all give between 3-5 bars on various devices at my home location.

Can you confirm for me please, when you refer to a “different cell tower” do you mean a different EE cell tower or a different provider tower?

I have also now attempted to test the cellular backup and it is beyond woeful. Even with a stickup cam less than 6ft from the base station I am unable to see video in the app.

Having spent over £500.00 on ring equipment I’m less than impressed with this. My annual subscription is due to commence on July 2nd and I would like to know how I cancel this.

Grateful for advice by return.



I notice nobody from ring was interested enough to respond before my annual subscription commenced.

Is anyone prepared to come back to me on this issue?


@PTfromBT. You can cancel your Ring Protect Plan subscription by going to and logging into your account. You will have a section towards the top that says Protect Plan. Click on it, and there you will see an option to cancel your plan. If you are having issues canceling your plan, give our support team a call for further assistance. As for your question on what I meant by a different cell tower, it could be another EE tower or another provider tower, whichever it gets its signal from first. Also, the cell backup does not provide data to your Cameras in any way. Cell backup is to keep only the Ring Alarm online.