UK Alarm base station 3G back up network

So, I just installed my alarm yesterday and saw that I connected to EE with 3 bars. This morning I see I am on one bar so-called Ring as I had seen a post on here about a ‘neighbour’ being on O2. After 2 calls, to see if I can change networks, I’ve been told it’s not possible as the devices are locked into AT&T. When I asked what network it uses in the UK, they didn’t know at first and said its AT&T.

After a long debate of me saying it must be roaming and being told it isn’t, I googled and found AT&Ts roaming partner in the UK is EE.

Please Ring, can you start supporting the UK a bit better on these things, I had to google who I should be connected to whilst I was on the call after saying AT&T isn’t a UK network.

I hope this helps others in the UK looking to purchase a Ring Alarm and use the 3G backup as EE isn’t the strongest of signals in a lot of places, I’m now going to have to send it all back as EE is the worst network for me and the 1 bar I have now, wont always be there (and can’t trust it), such a shame.

Sorry to hear about this experience, @nsouthwell. Ring Alarm has an agreement with all major networks in the UK, including O2, Vodafone, Three, and EE. This means that when signal strength from one network is not good enough, Ring Alarm will automatically connect to the best available one.We will certainly deliver this feedback to the appropriate teams here. Thank you for sharing this information with the Community! :slight_smile:

Hi @Marley_Ring

Thanks for this, I was told on both calls that it’s not possible to switch networks and what I had seen on the forum about O2 wasn’t correct.

I’ve since mounted my base station upside down and it seems to have improved signal slightly so will monitor this week. For clarity, if signal still remains poor, can I call to get the network changed, or is it completely automated on the base unit?

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Of course, @nsouthwell! We’re always happy to help, and are constantly looking for ways to improve for our neighbours. :slight_smile:

At this time, it is automatic and will only happen when (in this instance) the O2 signal is poorest compared to the other networks in the reachable area.

Good evening.

Was this issue ever properly resolved? I too have 3G signal issues with the EE network in my hometown (O2 & Vodafone are stronger signals). Is there anyway to change this or have ‘Ring’ change this?