Total Security System?

So at the moment I have the Ring Doorbell Pro, and the Ring Alarm System.

All working great.

I also have the Arlo camera system inside the house.

When I leave the house, the alarm is activated via the kaypad or phoen app, and I then have to manually activate the Arlo camera system - Which detect motion, then record video and sound another aralm (much louder then Ring Alarm may I add).

I am considering adding Ring cameras instead of the Arlo system.

However, I want the cameras to remain inactive at all times - I dont want them recording when my family are at home and wasting battery or Internet bandwidth etc.

I want the cameras to only activate and record on motion if the alarm is active or triggered.

So in other words, if the alarm is placed into away or home mode, or is sounding, the ring cameras should become active and start recording on motion. Once the alarm is switched off, or teh system is placed into deactivated mode, the cameras should switch to inactive and stop recording on motion.

I know I can link Ring devices - but is the above scenario achievable??

Seems like a simple enough complete security system, but when I call Ring they tell me teh system will not work in this way and I would need to manualy activate and deactive cameras - which means I may as well stick with the separate Arlo system which has another alarm too…

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Nobody knows if this is possible??

Seems like an obvious system to me…but not sure it can be implemented with the Ring system?

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Hi @IftiBashir. The feature your’re describing sounds like our Modes for Ring. It allows you to chose when your Cameras record, based on what mode your home is set to. Find out more about Modes here.

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That sounds good.

So, when my alarm is in Disarm mode, all cameras will not be active etc.

If I switch my alarm to home or away modes, then I can set my cameras to also become active in these modes only?

Will this work via the app only, or via the alarm keypad? ie, if I set the alarm to away mode via the keypad (not the app) all cameras will become active to record on motion?

Can I also link cameras in tandem with the modes?

For example, Alarm is Disarmed, meaning all cameras are also disarmed and not set to record on motion.

However, can i still set one camera to record for a minute when the Ring doorbell is pressed, even though the camera is in disarmed mode??

@IftiBashir Happy to chime in for Tom here! With the Modes feature, you’re able to choose and adjust how your devices work based on what mode your system is in. This applies to when the mode is changed from the Ring App and from the Keypad. So you can choose, for example, to have your Camera not detect and record motion when you are in the Disarmed mode.

It is important to note that if you disable the motion detection for a specific mode, that device will not be able to interact with any Linked Devices in that mode. This means that if you have set a Camera to record when someone rings the Doorbell via Linked Devices, but you have the system in the Disarmed mode and motion detection and recording is disabled on that Camera, it will not record via the Linked Devices feature. If you have a specific Camera that you want to record if the Doorbell is pressed, it would be best to leave the motion detection enabled on this Camera.

Thank you for the information - most useful.

Now all I need is an external siren please!!!

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