Thermostats that work with Ring

Thanks for the info - would be nice if the Ring Team responds - but crickets so far…?


I can’t find out how to add anything to my Ring system other than what Ring wants you to add to their system. I have 2 Radio Thermostat CT30s that I would like to add to my Ring system. How did you add yours?

Typical response to these requests are “we are always looking to add devices… blah blah blah”. Don’t understand why this one can’t get done ASAP. Direct competitors have this function and have there own thermostats!!


Ring is behind Nest with thermostats, face recognition, etc. I am still with Ring since it is cheap in monthly fee.

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You are at least two years behind the curve as other security system have integrated thermostats or have created their own product. The smart Thermostat was litterally one of the first smart home devices to come to market and you still dont have an integratation with your security system?!?!?! You have an Alexa integration for thermostats but not the security system?!?!? I’d love for Ring/Amazon to explain why this hasnt occured so that we can all understand why this hasnt happened? I dont want an message about taking the feedback to our team BS. I want an honest answer to a question that most Ring security users have.


Mine was an Iris also. I was told that the lock and thermastat need to be removed from the Iris system before you can pair with any other system. Unfortunately I do not have the Iris sytem anymore and have no way to remove from Iris. They will not accept a new without removing the old.

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I agree, why they don’t respond since there were over 18,000 reviews shows a lot of people are interested in thermastats.


I see a Thermostate is now showing avaialble as a shortcuts. but not seeing a way to set one up.

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@veener79 wrote:

I see a Thermostate is now showing avaialble as a shortcuts. but not seeing a way to set one up.

How do you add that to your shortcuts? Under my hidden shortcuts I only see Lights, Water Valve, Garage…the things I hid.

Hi BamaTom - sorry for the delay - my email system keeps putting these emails deep in my junk folder.

Going from memory here from when I first did mine over a year ago : But I added my Radio Thermostat to the Ring App via the Add Device funtion then Security Devices then Works with Ring … when I powered up my RadioThermostat (was formerly used with a Lowes IRIS system) - it showed up in the app as configuring. Then later it showed up in the list to add to my dashboard (I didn’t do anything to add it to the dashboard )

Let me know if that works for you - I haven’t had the need to remove it and try adding it again - am afraid that it will no longer work LOL

Seems in most z-wave devices there is a reset button - you must have no battery in it - press and hold the button then add your battery - that should reset it and in its own memory be removed from any other system … try adding to the Ring App using Security Device then Works with Ring - most z-wave I have was added that way - including my old Radio Thermostat that I used on my old now recycled Lowes IRIS system.

If you have a z-wave thermostat - you should be able to pair it with Ring by adding a Security Device then use Works with Ring - I added a Radio Thermostat over a year ago and it still works and is on my dashboard and usable from my iOS Ring App dashboard.

Good luck!

It would be great if you could integrate the Honeywell redlink devices with the Ring Alarm system so that we can easily access it from the dashboard. they redlink device allows connectivity to several of their thermostats and connects via wifi so it would all be on the same network already - similar to the newer door locks that connect via wifi for stability. Thank you

Since ring did not add a thermastat to their product I bought two nest thermastats for my house. Couldn’t wait any longer. Nest works great!

I waited three months prior to calling RING tech support again today. I re-requested a recommendation for a z-wave thermostat compatible w/ RING. I got the same answer: Honeywell [TH6320ZW2003]. They hinted that they would do further work with third party developers, but I guess not yet.

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Neighbors have reported success with using Honeywell Z-wave thermostats and Ring Alarm. Otherwise, We currently do not have any thermostats listed as Works With Ring, but integration options such as Alexa might help you to obtain this.

Feel free to let the Community know of any success you’ve had with integrations, and remember to add to this request on our Feature Request Board. As always, keep an eye on the Community, the Ring app, and at for any updates on new features or devices. :slight_smile:

Any update on this? I am anxiously waiting to see a product that can integrate Ring with muti-zone smart thermostat on my house. Once I set the ring alarm to away, the temperature would drop to a preset value. Come on, I know you can do it! Cheers

Hello all, I managed to pair my z-wave Vivint Element thermostat to my Ring Base Station and control it thru the Ring app. The problem is that it drains the Thermostat’s battery at an extremely fast pace. I used to replace the batteries once a year and now I replace them every 30 days or so. Can anyone tell me why is the battery dying so fast? I don’t have a C-wire so my thermostat is powered by 4 AA batteries. I wish Ring will come up with their own Thermostat. I will get three, one for each of the zones in my house.

Hello, I transitioned from Vivint to ring. How did you put the thermostat in pairing mode? Do I have to remove it first from the Vivint panel?