Streaming error all the time

I’ve done every single thing recommended. Several calls and hours of time spent with tech support and my internet provider. My internet connectivity is fine. When I take the battery out of my door bell cam, live stream will connect fine for one or two times them right back to streaming error. It’s a Ring issue and it needs to be fixed. I spent good money on a device that doesn’t work! I either want a device that works or a refund. All of my other streaming devices work just fine, it’s a Ring issue.

Hi there, @SR4! Checking the network resources was a great step to take. Your signal strength can be optimized using the tips in our Community post about RSSI. Although, I’m sure you went through much networking troubleshooting with support teams already.

The next best thing to check is your mobile device connection, or even trying another mobile device entirely if possible. It is always good to ensure there is not a vpn enabled and, if you are using an android mobile device, that there are no android apps that conflict with the Ring app. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: