Strange Ring event reported in SmartThing's history. What is it?

I use SmartThings to manage interactions between my home’s smart devices.

Yesterday, in SmartThings History list, I saw an event type reported by both of my Ring Spotlight Cam Mount cameras at the same time. I’m wondering why these showed up and whether someone is attempting (or succeeding) in hacking my Ring cameras.

My camera’s names are CAMERA_front & CAMERA_rear.
The two events from those cameras which show up in SmartThings event history are:
“Talk of CAMERA_front is $(value)”
“Talk of CAMERA_rear is $(value)”

Does anyone know if this is an event that the Ring camera can generate, or might this be some kind of SmartThings hiccup out of the blue?

No other camera events were happening at the time of these events, and it’s unlikely there was motion on both cameras at the same time which might have somehow initiated a SmartThings goof-up for each of them simultaneously.

Thanks in advance for anything that can help point the way to understanding these odd events which might be an indication that someone is hacking into my home’s network.

Hi @BBT. I can’t really speak to what events in your SmartThings history list would be, as the SmartThings and Ring integration is not officially supported. I’d recommend verifying the Event History in your Ring app first to make sure everything looks to be in order. You could also try looking through SmartThings’ support center here to see if there’s anything that might help. As for network security concerns, I’d urge you to check with your internet service provider to ensure the safety of your network.