Steplight not connecting to bridge

A week ago I bought the I got the pathlights. It took resetting the bridge multiple times and about an hour before the lights would connect.

Now, the steplight arrived. Won’t connect to the bridge at all.

I’ve tried resetting the steplight, the bridge, deleting app cache on my phone, restarting my phone, and trying different batteries (these are all new batteries) in the steplight. When I reset the bridge and test my pathlights, they work, though the settings for them must be storged on the bridge and not app based or stored internally.

The steplight will not make it past the point of “Connecting your Steplight to you Ring Bridge…”

What to do now? I waited a week because it was backordered via Amazon. Is this a dud?

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Hi @ToddO ! Have you been able to connect your Steplight?

No. I have not received any help.

My ring spotlight is doing the same thing. Just got it today and it won’t connect to the bridge. It’s even bypassing the calibration stage

I had to use another phone to complete my connection once. Wouldn’t work. Used another and went perfect. HTH

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Still no help or solution. I’ll wait another couple days. Then I’m returning the light.

Anything from Ring staff would be nice…

HI @ToddO - how many devices are you trying to set up? Have you been able to set up any of your lights?

My spotlight can’t be detected by the app either. Has anybody successfully done this? I’ve added four pathlights but can’t add the spotlight and no help to be found anywhere.

Yeah I’m stuck at the same point with the step lights, spotlight, and motion sensor. I swear I must be doing something wrong. It took me forever to get the bridge to connect (ended up choosing to not scan the QR code and manually adding the WiFi and passwords)

Turned out I had to trigger the recovery process over Bluetooth and let the spotlight update its firmware and then connect to the bridge. Would have been great if Ring actually had this described somewhere!!

Lol I had a similar fix. Though I didn’t have issues with the firmware on the lights but with the bridge. Had to manually set up my bridge to connect to the internet. Then recovery mode it by side button (not factory reset) and afterwards all my devices connect with no issue (even those that still needed a firmware update).

I do agree that documentation would have been great for this. The help articles that I found were no help at all.

So can you describe how to do the recovery process over bluetooth?