Solar Pathlight Replacement battery

Has anyone had any luck finding the right-sized 18650 battery for ring solar Pathlights? One of mine died after a month or so, bulging at the top, and I can’t get anyone on the line to send a replacement.

If Ring just SOLD them this would be much easier.

I spent an hour on hold (system said ‘less than 20 minutes’) and gave up. Anyone got a link to the right battery so I don’t have to spend another hour+ just for a battery?


I’ve had the same issue. Still searching for suitable replacements myself. Everything I’ve found in the big hardware stores has been the wrong size. IF RING JUST SOLD THEM!!!

I think you could probably find brand name high quality replacement rechargeable batteries which might be a bit smaller and make them fit with metal shims

Nitecore model NL1832 is what I’ve been using as a replacement for a couple weeks with no issues. The 18650 comes in 3 types. Flat top, unprotected button top and protected button top. The battery from the factory appears to be a protected button top. This battery was the closest to the specs of the battery from Ring.


These work and fit fine


Wonder how many people just buy a new solar light and throw the old one solar light away because ring does not sell a replacement battery? Ring has a replacement battery for cameras though!

Thank You. I will try these

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Thank You for the link

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Thanks, I will try these and the charger!!


Thank you, I have eight of these. I bought another set to use the battery. The light comes under warranty for a year. It is a hassle and a lot of time, but I returned two just for a battery replacement. I talked to technicians, and they act as if it is easy to purchase these batteries.

If Ring cannot provide an adequate solution and be honest with the customer to let them know the batteries last roughly a month depending on use, they should stop selling these lights. I love the look, just the hassle of battery replacement.

I went to Batteries Plus, and they refused to sell me batteries because so many people returned them.

I lucked out this company provides free shipping over a certain dollar threshold. Thank You

Honestly after just purchasing replacement batteries. It is cheaper to just buy new solar path lights. One battery costs anywhere from $17-25. Ring really needs a better solution than this. I would not recommend this product just because the battery replacement is a big issue.

Ring solar path lights are the worst product they have. They are not reliable, battery issues and they don’t sell their batteries replacement. I can’t see why they still sell this product without pull them off the shell. Amazon owns Ring and they say nothing about it.

I rather go with 4D batteries, you can put the lights wherever you want.

On the Ring website, they do seem to offer replacement batteries, but they are listed as $29 apiece, which seems like a lot of money to me.

Hi neighbors! If you’re running into any concerns with the batteries in your Solar Smart Lighting devices, such as the battery itself being damaged, the best course of action would be to follow up with our support team. Other neighbors have also shared suggestions of different third-party batteries they’ve used in this thread as well. For further assistance, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

For those who are still looking - I finally found some batteries that are right-sized. Both of these work for me: