Solar Pathlight Replacement battery

Has anyone had any luck finding the right-sized 18650 battery for ring solar Pathlights? One of mine died after a month or so, bulging at the top, and I can’t get anyone on the line to send a replacement.

If Ring just SOLD them this would be much easier.

I spent an hour on hold (system said ‘less than 20 minutes’) and gave up. Anyone got a link to the right battery so I don’t have to spend another hour+ just for a battery?

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I’ve had the same issue. Still searching for suitable replacements myself. Everything I’ve found in the big hardware stores has been the wrong size. IF RING JUST SOLD THEM!!!

I think you could probably find brand name high quality replacement rechargeable batteries which might be a bit smaller and make them fit with metal shims

Nitecore model NL1832 is what I’ve been using as a replacement for a couple weeks with no issues. The 18650 comes in 3 types. Flat top, unprotected button top and protected button top. The battery from the factory appears to be a protected button top. This battery was the closest to the specs of the battery from Ring.

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These work and fit fine

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Wonder how many people just buy a new solar light and throw the old one solar light away because ring does not sell a replacement battery? Ring has a replacement battery for cameras though!