Smart switches/outlets linked to ring ALARMING

Ring is an alarm system that is abyssmal at actually notifying you. My Ring is insalled in my shop about 100 yards from my house. This makes the base station and keypad sirens totally useless. The “notification” sent to my phone is no more than a chirp, certainly not enough to actually wake me at night or get my attention if my phone is not on my person. The Ring Alarm needs to be able to activate connected smart switches/outlets when the alarm is ALARMING. Real flood lights and sirens could be controlled through those devices to actually indicate the alarm is going off. If we can control switches/outlets with the Ring app there is NO reason the alarm logic can not control them as well. I have tried “simple commands” as a back door control. The routines worked for about a week and then stopped. I shouldn’t need to jump through hoops for basic alarm functionality.

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