Smart Lighting Bridge setup fails on firmware update

I purchased a Smart Light Bridge for my Ring floodlight and I cannot complete the setup. I have the bridge right next to my router and I’ve also tried to set it up using my cell hotspot and work WiFi with same error “Firmware Update Failed” . Anyone have any suggestions?

Same exact issue. Placed inches from my router and still getting error/fail message

Sorry to hear about this, neighbors! You both may benefit from giving our 24/7 support team a call to take a further look into this. They can be reached at 800-656-1918. Let us know what happens!

I called support and they said they would get back to me in a few days. Haven’t heard a thing from them and it’s been 5+ days now. I’ll try one more call then if they cannot resolve then taking all my ring devices back to the store for a refund.


Can you try setting it up with another phone? I had an issue once where using another phone I had worked. Never figured out why but it worked flawlessly.

I thought the same and tried with Android phone and 2 different iPhones models and I get the same error. Also tried different Wi-Fi networks.

Sounds like you tried everything. It might be defective. Hopefully, they can help you get it replaced or solve the issue.
One more thought is maybe the wifi you are using has a filter on it like mine at work. I can’t use my Ring app without using my VPN. Once my VPN is on it works perfect.

@BigG , will you please contact support for more assistance with your Ring Bridge?


Any update to this issue? I’m having the same problem. Replaced the device. Still same issue.

I triede ring support and it is a joke at leaast concerning the Ring bridge. MULTIPLE calls having me do the same thing over and over and over. I did get it wo connect the first week and then it died. Got a new one and it will NOT connect.

So true I have the same problem. at least my doorbell works

I finally got the bridge to work. I had taken 2 bridges back to the store for a refund because support said they were defective. A couple weeks later I replaced my 2.4Gz internet router for better one from Ebay for about $50 that supported 2.4Gz and 5Gz. Just for everyone’s reference I’m using Centurylink as my Internet provider. After setup of all my IOT devices and hubs I decided to purchase another Smart Light bridge and see if swapping the router made a difference. So I found that Home Depot is now selling the Smart Light bridge so I purchased it from HD. The setup and firmware update of the bridge worked without issue and was able to connect my floodlight. I even went and purchased another floodlight and connected it without any problems. So far the bridge has stayed connected and my lights work well. Hope this helps all of you out there that have the same issue.

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Does this mean that I need to change my router to get a ring bridge device to work? Does ring provide a recommendation for the correct router/high-speed modem in their installation documents or user guide. Are there any pre-requisites regarding firewall, proxy, port forwarding or IP settings in order to get the product to operate as advertised.

Further, why are there so many complaints regarding RING’s technical support staff? Is the extended warranty provided by the retail store selling the product the one responsible to provide the support? If that’s the case, why does RING a technical support team? Who would be the correct contact (please provide an email address or phone number, different to your 1 800 656 1918 number) to escalate these support gap issues as well as access to the network connectivity requirements to operate the product.

This is my very first RING installation, and so far the product has not delivered the ease of use, and hence the benefits advertised. Without the RING BRIDGE, the RING Light system is merely an expesive set of battery operated / motion activated LED lamps.

Awaiting your prompt response,

Have you called customer service?
As for complaints. No one comes here to state they had a great time with customer service or that their Ring device works great. So it seems like everyone is complaining but that’s not the truth. Ring is the support for the product and not the retail store. I had no problems setting up many devices. I have almost every device they have. No issues. But with today’s technology, things can be complicated due to so many routers, phones, OS, and such.

Short answer: Yes, I have contacted support twice. However, I followed up with the Help Desk again right after posting my note today, and was put in contact with a very nice Supervisor. Unfortunately, my case, although escalated and moving through RING’s process via email, leaves me still unable to enjoy the features and benefits of these product. Keep in mind, truth and perception aren’t the same thing; just as all your devices have worked flawlessly, my first itneraction with teh product has been ineffective and expensive. In both cases we’re talking about the truth.

Finally, for a manufacturer attempting to dominate today’s competitive IOT security market, claiming integration with newer devices or services might be the root cause of any issue (you mentioned “… but with today’s technology, things can be complicated due to so many routers, phones, OS, and such…”) puts their ability to offer a product that matches today’s security challenges at risk and tarnished the brand. If the truth you talk about is accurate, then I’ll rethink the value of these products and look at a different manufacturer. As far as understanding differences between manufacturer and retailer, those are well understood.

Thanks for your feedback.

I don’t just reply on Ring. I have my own DVR system that’s wired as well with a monitor on my wall with motion alerts. And if course battery backed up too. If you really want protection don’t rely on only one system. My smart lights work very well so far 10 path lights and 3 floodlights. I also have Ring cams outside as well. Hopefully you can get your system going for you. I wish I had the answer to fix it.

It is sad to read so many comments and not a solution from Ring, I have 2 bridge in 2 different directions, and unfortunately I could not finish configuring, in both cases I tried everything, but the result is the same, I can not connect to the Wi-Fi network

Call support. You can only use one Bridge by the way.

Ring Bridge only connected 8 devices even though I was advised it could connect more. The firmware will not update beyond 12.0000282. Level 1 and Level 2 supoort walked me through rebooting the bridge, change wifi networks, removing all connected pathway lights and resetting the bridge. Device will not pulldown new firmware. I plan on connecting 8 pathway lights, so I need the firmware addressed. thanks

I’m on the same firmware. I have no problems at all. I have 10 path lights, 2 spot lights and one flood light. You should be able to connect up to 50. I have 13 total so far. See attached screenshot of firmware.