Smart Home Integration


I’ve been looking to upgrade my alarm system to something more user friendly - as well as be able to utilize the wired contact sensors through my home automation system for automations…lights on / off when specific doors or windows are open…turn my Acs off…etc)

When i looked at the Ring system that has the Retrofit kit option i was thinking that this would be the perfect option for a stand alone upgraded system that also gives me that capability but apparently there is no official integration to the Hubitat Platform. I would assume that this is similar for Smart Things as Hubitat and Smart things share similar protocol capabilities.

Seems to me that Ring might be the closest platform that could accomplish this.

If there was anyway that the Retrofit system could communicate to the Ring hub BUT also allow the retrofit system to connect through ZWAVE to the hubitat or Smart things platform then this would be possible.

All of the alarm capability would be through ring and if the Zwave capability to connect to the Hubitat system existed in parallel…then there are a ton of users that could benefit by a) being able to use their wired contact sensors for both the alarm capability and for integration into a smart home platform

anyway - food for thought that might have some value and demand in the market.