Signed up, missing key videos, what's the point?

We recently had an intruder into our rental property and upon review, I realized the subscription had lapsed and we didn’t renew. Upon renew, I was expecting the inaccessible videos to be accessible again, but none of the activities were recorded or retained.

What is the point of subscription if the one thing I NEEDED is not available? I get that Ring has a stupid policy, but wouldn’t you guys make MORE money and encourage more subscriptions if you simply kept the videos from the last 30 days or whatever the subscription allows access for regardless so that once we sign up, we can actually get what we need vs. being ■■■■■■ about not having access to the one video we need?

Heck, charge us extra and upsell us on the subscription. I don’t mind paying if you can actually help me prove what I need to prove to authorities.

Hi @superstr. Subscribing to the Ring Protect plan does not apply retroactively to events that occurred when the plan was not active. This is because the video was not recorded and saved at all due to the plan not being active. We take privacy very seriously, and want to provide neighbors with full control over their devices and their videos. You can learn more about our commitment to privacy here.

Sorry, but hiding behind that corporate tagline of taking privacy “seriously” doesn’t really mean anything. These devices were built to record, no other purposes. The point of the subscription is to access the videos. There’s no privacy issues being broken here if I’m trying to access the history of my own feed. If this was an issue, the devices would’ve never been brought to market and you guys wouldn’t have found a way to share the feed across the neighborhood.

It’s just infurating…