Shedules for Home/Away

The Ring Alarm schedule has one flaw I have discovered… you are able to set a schedule so it can set my system to “Home” at a specific time.

The problem is yesterday we went out, so we set the system to “Away”. Then at 19.00 our schedule ran and changed it to “Home” overriding the “Away” setting.

It would be nice to have it so that if it’s set to “Away”, the schedule does not change it.

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Hi @Cbrenn. Correct. Our Ring Alarm Modes Schedule does not currently have a feature that allows your to override the schedule based on a specific Mode or setting. I suggest adding this to our Feature Request board. This is a great way for other neighbors to show interest in this feature!

Cbrenn -

Have you seen the thread on the Feature Request board titled “Alarm Mode Schedule Security”?

If you agree with the content, you may want to consider voting for it.