Setup for 5-wire Pacific Electronics AF-1000 / Pacific System

Two questions:

  1. Can someone validate that I have the wiring correct?

Given this wiring layout, as the letters on the “AF-1000” match the letters on what is in the app, given I have a “5 wire station”.

And this back of the intercom:

Everything seems to be working fine, except for the fact that if I’m at the intercom and turn on the speaker while the door is being buzzed I get a notification that the button downstairs for my apartment was pressed.

Also if I disconnect “S” from the back of the intercom and just wire it directly to the A-6 / S Wire can I effectively mute the infernal buzzer in favor of a notification from the app?

Hi @cs_marshall, thank you for your question. The wiring diagram in your Ring app is correct. Our team advises against using and wiring the Intercom contrary to the instructions in our application. It’s crucial to ensure safety and to prevent any potential damage to your traditional intercom system

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