Setup as a preference to 5GHz wifi

Sometimes my ring doorbell pro connect to 2.4g wifi and connectivity rapidly falls down but when is connectivity with 5g then is everything alright.

Change the WiFi channel, to either 1, 6 or 11. If it’s currently on 11 then change it to 1.

Hello @PatrikK ,

It sounds like you want your 5 Ghz capable Ring Doorbell Pro to stay connected just to the 5 Ghz network, without it jumping to 2.4GHz. This can already be accomplished.

It is important to realize that Ring devices are very “ 5 GHz channel picky. ” Therefore, if using a Ring device that does have 5 GHz Wi-Fi capability, I would recommend manually selecting from the just the 5 GHz channels of 36, 40, 44, or 48 (whichever gives you the best performance) AND deselect AUTO on the router to prevent your Router hopping to channels above 48. If you allow your Router to hop channels automatically, as it attempts to reduce detected interference, and if it hops above Channel 48, you Ring device will likely drop off the 5Ghz Wi-Fi network.

For more details as to why you should NOT use channels above 48, the below link to my older post provides the details.

2.4 GHz is slower but has much longer range than 5 GHz and passes through solid objects better. But it is subjected to a higher chance of interference from other nearby Wi-Fi routers.

5 Ghz is a faster and a higher frequency signal, so it has difficulty passing through solid objects. But it’s nice when you are in a cluttered 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi environment. 5 GHz has a much shorter range than 2.4 GHz, so Wi-Fi interference is generally low.

Check your Wi-Fi router. If you have two SSIDs, you will need to find out which one is 2.4 and which one is 5, and then you can connect your Ring device to the SSID network of your choice.

In my case, my router had both Wi-Fi 2.4GHZ and 5Ghz with the same network name (SSID), so I reconfigured my dual-band router into two separate SSID log-in names. I named the 2.4GHz band to “2WireXXX” and named the 5GHz band “2WireXXX-5G” leaving both with the same password (check your Wi-Fi provider company’s website, YouTube, etc. on how to accomplish this).

Now you can log your Wi-Fi devices onto whichever GHz network you prefer. I hope you find this information helpful :wink: