Server unresponsive message

I recently installed the Ring Starter kit and all has been fine until a few days ago. I was having trouble getting the system to arm with voice commands, but put it down to getting the commands wrong due to unfamiliarity.

Then I noticed that the Govee lights on the stairs that are set to come on when motion is detected weren’t responding. I’ve gone through everything I can think of but can’t get anything working with Alexa voice commands although any routine can be manually triggered in the Alexa app.

Tonight I spotted that all the Ring devices are marked as ‘server unresponsive’. I can’t figure the issue at all. For example, the door sensor still sends notifications when the door is opened. The alarm still sets with its timed activation and deactivations. The Motion Sensor still detects motion. They just won’t trigger Alexa routines.

Any advice gratefully received

Hi @Targaid. We have some troubleshooting steps here for when the Ring and Alexa integration stopped working. Typically unlearning the Ring Skill and relearning it in the Alexa app can resolve issues. You may need to have the Alexa app rediscover your devices. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you can click here to go to Amazon’s Alexa Help Centre for further assistance.