Schlage Encode Setup Issues in Ring App

I am having trouble getting my Schlage Encode lock to connect to the Ring App. I had previously connected the lock to the Ring app and was working fine for about a year, but recently I think something changed and the Ring App was asking me to reconnect the lock to the app. Everytime I go to set it up (Locks > Set Up Locks > Schlage Home) i get the message “Hmmm, something went wrong. Sorry about that. Please try Again.” I have been trying this for over a week now, and continue to get the same error message.

Like I mentioned, the lock and ring app were working fine for about a year, but within the last month i’ve been running into this problem.


The Schlage Encode is certainly a Works With Ring compatible lock to use with the Ring app and Amazon Key. It should works as normal, as long as the signal to them is sufficient.

Feel free to also check out the Schlage support page for more detailed information.

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I am having the same problem. Same lock. Same error message. It worked with Ring until a few days ago. Spent an hour with Ring customer service today. Any known fix?


Hi, I’m also having this issue. However, I get a reference to link my Ring account to my Amazon account. When I try to, it says that my account is already connected, despite me already unlinking the two already.

i strongly believe the ring app is no longer compatible with the schlage encode lock mine work for a long time and suddenly stop i get the same repeat sequence message over and over with no success

this is a business procedure with big companies on getting people to purchase the newer model products even tho there is nothing wrong with your device!!! im onto you ring and schlage lmbo