Scheduling People Mode

This is a pretty simple feature to add, yet so big… Hear me out…

Due to the known headlight issue setting off notifications, etc. I am forced to change my settings to People mode every evening on multiple devices.

A huge improvement would be to have the ability to place People Mode on an on/off schedule and when it turns off have the sensitivity revert back to where it was before People mode switched on.

It is quite annoying when you start receiving alerts every few minutes once the sun goes down and then you have to go to each device to change it to People Mode and then remember to turn it off the next day.

Same here but other way around. I would like to set people mode during the day. During the night, because of lack of light, the system doesn’t recognize people that good. During the day, because of light interference, there are too many false alarms if people mode is not active.

I would also like this feature but for another reason. If I have this turned on in the daytime it’s good. I no longer get cars and trucks going by. But at night, I would like to see what cars are around in the wee hours of the morning and I would like to see what wildlife and even cats are around at night. It’s a pain to turn it on and off every night and morning.