Schedule for Chime and Chime Pro

Please create a way to schedule times for chime pro motion alerts.


For the love of God… How can you not have a schedule to automate what the ring chime does!

On top of that, how do you not have a schedule to automate when the ring doorbell camera doorbell button does and does not ring my wired in house doorbell…

I don’t want my choke or my wired doorbell to ring after my son goes to sleep… But I need it to ring when I leave the house and my parents who do not use smart phones are home…

I had somebody at the door the other day for five minutes who ended up leaving because my parents can’t hear a doorbell… I had notifications on my chime disabled and had the ring doorbell set up to not ring my wire doorbell.

So then everyone is upset at me that we missed this important house call, and I have to enable Both of those features… and now it’s waking up my son at night and setting off my dog early in the morning…

Absolutely ridiculous… I legit would throw out all my Ring products right now and rebuy every product I already own at twice the original cost for a video doorbell and video camera system that solve that issue… That this has been brought to your attention by multiple customers and you have not already addressed it and fixed it is ridiculous…

It is a simply a software/firmware update… There is no hardware issue here… You are literally just writing code to tell your products not to follow through on a script during Certain scheduled times set by the user Or when placed into a specific mode…

For instance… when I first realized I had a problem, and noticed that I couldn’t set a schedule, I figured I could address it by putting the doorbell in a specific mode… I was hoping that I could set my at home mode to alert me of everything but not set off any sounds (chime or doorbell) in the house… and then I could set the ring to away and it would both alert me and ring the chime and doorbell inside the house… To me there is really no reason that I can’t do this.

The fact that you have Geo fencing so that your ring app can know when I am and when I am not at home, but then don’t allow me to manipulate The only feature of my doorbell that reaches inside my home is a huge oversight and borders I’m just being pathetic.

Do me a favor, either add the feature or direct me to which one of your competitors has the common sense to put that in their product/software.


Please send your marketing/dev teams a message that it would be helpful to be able to schedule chimes. I have a dog that sleeps from 10-7 and it would be nice to be able to hear motion from my bedroom without waking the dog downstairs. I know that you can schedule the devices, but not individual chimes. I would like the downstairs chime silenced and the upstairs one active. You can’t do this with the doorbell scheduling.

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Hi, sort of the same over here. Just purchased the doorbell and chime and want to get an extra chime for upstairs but only if we can silence it during certain hours because of two little kids.

Would be great if this would be implemented as this topic is now going on for nearly 3 years and has quite a lot of replies and votes.

Thank you.


Dear Ring-Team,

Please add a Schedule to change volume or chime sound at different time and days.
During the day it is useful to have louder ringtones. But during the evening or night it would be nice to have not so obtrusive melody.

Thank you very much


A lot of users with young children or who don’t want to set the dog off at certain times would benefit from being able to snooze their ring chime on a schedule (i.e. every day snooze chime between 7pm and 7am OR Monday to Friday snooze chime between 9am and 5pm).

User story:
AS a ring customer
I WANT to be able to snooze my ring chime on an automated schedule
SO THAT I am not disturbed during the hours specified

Acceptance criteria:
As a ring customer:

  • Can I specify a snooze schedule within the ring app for my chime/chimes?
    • Can I specify the day/days?
    • Can I specify a start time and end time?
  • Can I still use the snooze for duration feature in addition to scheduled snoozing?
  • Can I choose to deactivate/reactive a previously saved schedule?
  • Can I delete deactivated schedules?

Sorry for format I’m a BA so hopefully makes life easier for your dev teams :laughing:


This post was made over 2.5 years ago. Hilarious the Ring team made this board to allow us idiots to actually think they care.

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Hi, is there a way of being able to automatically disable the ring doorbell chime whenever the Alarm is in away mode. Like many, my dog remains in the house when I’m out for a few hours. And when the door chime sounds, the dog usually barks like mad. Whilst I am at home, that is fine, as I can easily resolve and calm down. However when out, the dog isn’t calmed down and continues to bark for several minutes, which is causing an issue with my neighbour. At present, I’ve had to resort to keep manually unplugging the chime device. Is there a better option?

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Adding my vote to get a schedule based snooze for the chimes. My newspaper comes every morning at 4, and I really don’t need to know the moment it arrives…… I’m

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I would like to have the ring chime on for part of the day and off for the rest of the day. If I could access the chime from alexa or smartthings that would be excellent. thanks

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@Marley_Ring Is anyone at Ring reviewing these? Does anyone know of any other products that have this capability?

Just adding I have spent time today looking how to silence the chimes at night. It still doesn’t exist. Would have thought this would be a standard feature and can’t believe it’s still not there, especially given how many people have taken the time to add their request here. Please update with this feature.

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Posting again, new puppy goes nuts at night when the chime goes off. Please add the ability to schedule a quiet time.

This cant be that difficult and do we really need more sidewalk networking? How about features that customers have been asking for for years.


Ring, please listen to your customers! Or at least engage with us… Please!

We’re your most likely evangelists, if only to justify the £100’s we’ve spent on your kit, but don’t take that for granted. Market dominance and complacency do not go well together.

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The ability to schedule Motion on/off times is handy, but notification scheduling is very handy (and missing). Being able to have a Chime (Pro, etc) notify the location with a tone when someone/something has tripped the motion is handy to inform the occupants that something is happening in their motion zone(s). But, the lack of being able to tell the Doorbell to only send notifications to the Chime(s) during certain hours, makes doorbell bandits at 2am possible, impossible to keep motion on overnight (because the Chime would fire off at 2am or worse, a lot).

Schedules for Motions (one for Person detection and one for Other) and for Doorbell Chiming would be a benefit so that sounds during the night are not possible, but still provide the security of recording motions instead of disabling them because of no scheduling available.

Original Topic:

Issues with Chime (not Pro)


agree, boils down to:

  1. Separate motion schedule for general motion
  2. Separate motion schedule for person detected

When I am snoozing all my floodlight cams, why can’t it also snooze my chime at the same time ? Every time I have to go and snooze it separately, and then the timing options are different (30m-1hr-2hr-3hr… for the cams, only 1-3-6hr… for the chime). It seems like you treat the Chimes as a second-class device in the ecosystem.


+1 This feature would be much appreciated


This is not just another nice-to-have feature. At this point, it’s absolutely essential. The fact that Ring has been around for as long as it has been, yet hasn’t added the ability to schedule daily chime snooze times is unacceptable.


Please add this. it’s long overdue.
It’s insane that you can’t even snooze the chime with Alexa or setup a routine/schedule that way.