Schedule for Chime and Chime Pro

Please create a way to schedule times for chime pro motion alerts.

For the love of Godā€¦ How can you not have a schedule to automate what the ring chime does!

On top of that, how do you not have a schedule to automate when the ring doorbell camera doorbell button does and does not ring my wired in house doorbellā€¦

I donā€™t want my choke or my wired doorbell to ring after my son goes to sleepā€¦ But I need it to ring when I leave the house and my parents who do not use smart phones are homeā€¦

I had somebody at the door the other day for five minutes who ended up leaving because my parents canā€™t hear a doorbellā€¦ I had notifications on my chime disabled and had the ring doorbell set up to not ring my wire doorbell.

So then everyone is upset at me that we missed this important house call, and I have to enable Both of those featuresā€¦ and now itā€™s waking up my son at night and setting off my dog early in the morningā€¦

Absolutely ridiculousā€¦ I legit would throw out all my Ring products right now and rebuy every product I already own at twice the original cost for a video doorbell and video camera system that solve that issueā€¦ That this has been brought to your attention by multiple customers and you have not already addressed it and fixed it is ridiculousā€¦

It is a simply a software/firmware updateā€¦ There is no hardware issue hereā€¦ You are literally just writing code to tell your products not to follow through on a script during Certain scheduled times set by the user Or when placed into a specific modeā€¦

For instanceā€¦ when I first realized I had a problem, and noticed that I couldnā€™t set a schedule, I figured I could address it by putting the doorbell in a specific modeā€¦ I was hoping that I could set my at home mode to alert me of everything but not set off any sounds (chime or doorbell) in the houseā€¦ and then I could set the ring to away and it would both alert me and ring the chime and doorbell inside the houseā€¦ To me there is really no reason that I canā€™t do this.

The fact that you have Geo fencing so that your ring app can know when I am and when I am not at home, but then donā€™t allow me to manipulate The only feature of my doorbell that reaches inside my home is a huge oversight and borders Iā€™m just being pathetic.

Do me a favor, either add the feature or direct me to which one of your competitors has the common sense to put that in their product/software.