Ring Siren Power Option Status

Hi Everyone,

I have just installed my alarm system and everything went well. I am really impressed by the whole system.

I do, however, seem to have 1 issue. I have installed a Ring Outside Siren and in the Siren there is the D Batteries that came with it and I also added a Ring Rechargeable Battery. The Siren is also hardwired using the Ring Plug-In Adapter. This all seems to work well and all the features work and I can see by the LEDs that the rechargeable battery is being charged. But when I look in the app, it states that hardwire is ‘Connected’, D batteries are ‘Connected’ but the rechargeable is ‘Not Connected’. Whatever I do, I cannot get the rechargeable to show connected. I have tested the battery in another ring device and it works fine.

Although it is showing as not connected, it seems to work as if I remove the D batteries and the hardwire, then the siren still works.

I have also tried removing the device and re-adding it. I am not sure if this is a bug or whether the rechargeable will only show ‘Connected’ if the D batteries run down.