Ring Intercom with Auta 050131 wiring

I’m trying to get at least notifications working with my Ring Intercom+Auta 050131.

It would be amazing if I can make all the options work, but since it’s still not fully compatible, I just wanted to share my experience with everyone, in case someone can figure out a better wiring configuration.

This is what the Auta intercom module looks like:

And this is the config I currently have, although I’m only getting through notifications:

A1 to +
A2 to Speaker/Z
A3 to Speaker/Z
A4 not connected
A5 not connected
A6 to Speaker/Z

Not sure if the setup can be improved!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Zettai . Our team advises against using the Intercom with any traditional intercoms that are not listed in our official list of compatible devices. It’s crucial to ensure compatibility to prevent any potential damage to your traditional intercom system. Our development team has thoroughly tested and confirmed compatibility with the devices listed on our official compatibility list. We value the safety and functionality of your intercom system, so we strongly recommend sticking to the devices that have been verified by our team. This will help ensure a smooth and reliable experience with Ring Intercom.
We therefore recommend that you monitor our compatibility checker tool on Ring Intercom Compatibility Checker as this status may change. Thank you for your question.