Ring Intercom - Support for Google Home and Wear OS companion app (and widget)

I love the Ring Intercom but I thing there are 3 major feature missing:

  1. support for Google Home (to use it with “Hey Google” also from the Smartphone)
  2. WearOS (for Samsung Galaxy Watch4&5) companion app to use it with SmartWatch
  3. Single button (Open door) widget for Android OS
    I really hope that you are plannning to develop this 3 things…


I would also love to see these implemented.
And some public API to integrate with 3rd parties like HomeAssistant

Thank you,

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Apparently someone already integrated it in Home Assistant
See here GitHub - MartinPham/ring-integration-modified

I too would like to use Ring Intercom with Google Home!

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Any news regarding Google Assistant?