Ring Intercom - Support for Google Home and Wear OS companion app (and widget)

I love the Ring Intercom but I thing there are 3 major feature missing:

  1. support for Google Home (to use it with “Hey Google” also from the Smartphone)
  2. WearOS (for Samsung Galaxy Watch4&5) companion app to use it with SmartWatch
  3. Single button (Open door) widget for Android OS
    I really hope that you are plannning to develop this 3 things…


I would also love to see these implemented.
And some public API to integrate with 3rd parties like HomeAssistant

Thank you,


Apparently someone already integrated it in Home Assistant
See here GitHub - MartinPham/ring-integration-modified

I too would like to use Ring Intercom with Google Home!


Any news regarding Google Assistant?

These features as well as GPS of user location and bell press as trigger to open door.

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Is it possible to know if Google Home support is planned or not at all?

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Quite a few of us (potential) customers use different virtual assistants in different situations; I myself, for instance, use Alexa at home and have a hard time accepting to use it instead of Google Assistant on my smartphone.

Adding cross-platform compatibility would be of great value for us and surely be a major driver towards expanding the set of Intercom devices that we own.