Ring Intercom problem with Urmet 1704/82. Error code P16-33-20032001

Ring app suggests to connect cable B-1 and B-2 to LINE pins.
However, when I run the test, error code P16-33-20032001 appears.

My Urmet 1704/82 has only 5 pins:

  • 2 LINE pins
  • 1 CP pin
  • 1 S+ pin
  • 1 S- pin

Anyone knows how to solve?

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Same identical problem with same cable B1 and B2 with Urmet 1740/1 and bracket 1740/83. I am waiting a solution.

Same identical problem with same cable B1 and B2 with Urmet 1702/82

Hi neighbors. We have these Help Center articles with information regarding the Ring Intercom that could perhaps help. If not, reach out to our support team dedicated solely to the Ring Intercom for further assistance.

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Those articles doesn’t says absolutely nothing about the error P16-33-20032001

There is a recent post about the same error here in the forum and I’m having a similar issue, but the error code is slightly different: P16-10-20032001

After 3 hours of testing, I still have this error message during the test, I despair, I once saw the test of the message but I did not hear it, after this error code

me also with Fermax 3321, seems that this device is still on testing by us as is a beta product.

I have the same issue with Comelit 2 wires system it does not work. Should I return the product or there is a solution for error p16-33-20032001

I had the same issue with Bticion Audio. I solved the issue with the following steps:

Ensure that mobile and ring is in the same network range (2.4GHz).

Ensure that the mobile stays in the network during the test.

Got this error as well when testing Urmet 1750/6.
First got the Ring sound through the intercom.
When testing to open the door after ringing the bell, the door doesn’t open. You get the error message if you tell the app the door didn’t open.
But in my case, I chose the option that the door did open. And it worked fine afterwards!
So maybe just ignore the door not opening during testing can help.