Ring Intercom - Error P16-10-20032001


On the last step, when I connect the wire header to Ring Intercom, it’s supposed to start flahsing in green color (testing mode), but nothing is happening.

The Device Health is saying it’s online, but I cannot enter into testing mode and nothing is happening when I receive a call/ring in my intercom Fermax 3390

It’s on 2.4Ghz network (I disabled the 5Ghz network), it’s just 2 meters away from the router.

Do someone have an idea what could be wrong?

I’m allowed to post only 1 photo, so here it is.
I’ll post the wiring on the next comment.

Contacted the support on the 29th of May.
Still waiting for a solution.

A replacement unit arrived a few minutes ago.
It’s working now.

i have the exact same problem with fermax 3321. I also will get a remplacement from amazon tomorrow, hope it will work like yours

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