Ring Intercom direct to gate opener? Beninca BRAINY24 / Videx VR4K-1

We had an issue with our gate intercom (Videx VR4K-1 kit) where the cables between gate and intercom handset (which route under ground) have degraded over time (old system) and so the system needed replaced. The cables were deemed to be no longer working.

Got a quote for a new GSM system but looked into Ring as an alternative.

Have bought a Ring Doorbell 4 and the Ring Intercom kit.

As we now have no working wiring between gate and house, I plan to put the Ring Intercom in the gate box outside (covered by wifi). Unfortunately, the gate repair company have removed all the previous wiring for the intercom (including the connections from the Videx power supply to the Videx intercom and to the gate Beninca BRAINY24 control panel) as the intercom was deemed useless.

Any ideas whether the Ring Intercom can connect direct to the Beninca BRAINY24 gate control board, just to trigger the open function? All voice would be coming from the Ring doorbell.

Or, do I need the Videx ART.520M power supply reconnected, along with the Videx ART.136 intercom refitted, and the Ring Intercom then connects to the intercom?

From what I can tell, it just needs 2 connections; Ground and Door Open.


Hi @mrobbie! Welcome to our Ring Community!

We’re glad to have you here. Regarding your question about connecting the Ring Intercom to your gate control board, please note that the Ring Intercom requires an existing intercom system for connection. It cannot be directly connected to a gate control board.

Furthermore, the Videx ART.136 is currently not listed as a compatible device with the Ring Intercom. To find out which devices are compatible, you can use our convenient Compatibility Checker tool, available at Compatibility Checker. This will provide you with a comprehensive list of compatible devices.

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