Ring Intercom and Urmet 1122/31


I’m trying to connect Ring Intercom with an Urmet 1122/31 kit .
It’s a 2 wire intercom.

In the compatibility list, there is a 1122/1, but it has to connect to 5 wires and the codes, except for 1 and 2, are missing in my case.

I tried to connect only A1 and A2 to 1 and 2, but when someone presses the outside button, nothing happen.
Instead, if I pick up the internal phone, it’s like someone presses the button

Below, you can find a picture and the official connection schema.

Can you please help to understand if it will ever work?

Link to Urmet 1122/31manual

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I have exactly the same problem :frowning:

Hey neighbors, you can get in touch with our Intercom support team via phone or email here. They can further assist with installation questions and concerns for your Ring Intercom. :slight_smile:

I’m already in touch with them, thanks.
I was trying to see if others with my Urmet intercom was in same situation.

I’ve just got a message from Ring Intercom team telling me that Urmet 1122/31 is not compatible.

Very bad!!!

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