Ring Door Contact Sensor Not Fitting UK

Hi all,

I recently bought the ring alarm 7 piece set and while setting it up I noticed that the door contact sensors wouldn’t be as easy as peeling back the tape and sticking it on the door.

My door is away from the door frame itself so when I place the magnet on the door frame it’s too far from the contact sensor and vice versa.

I am wondering if anyone else has/had this problem and knows a quick fix. I was going to get a piece of wood or plastic that is big enough so that the sensors would meet but that would mean sticking that piece to the door.

Does anyone know anything I could do?

I appreciate any support!

Thank you!

(Please see photos of the door/s I need help with. There are two different doors.)

Hey there, @Lapsaj. After looking over your image examples, there may be a mounting option available for this area. Check out our help centre article which covers various mounting scenarios, including visual examples. There is a section in that article which reflects that slightly offsetting the magnet is acceptable, as long as the proximity between Sensor and magnet does not exceed requirements.

If none of these options fit your doorway properly, we have seen neighbours share success with raised mounting solutions. Feel free to check back here to see if any neighbours shared any further suggestions, as well as keep us updated on any solutions you find that work for you. :slight_smile:

I had this too but noticed the mini magnet appears to be stronger. I put that on the frame instead of the larger piece and it works despite quite a large gap

Worth trying the Mini magnet but my back door and Windows look very similar to this (except for white PVC) and the standard magnets worked perfectly fine stuck down at quite an extream angle (almost on their side) on the door frame to get them almost touching.

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