Ring Code P3-11, Live View is disabled because has a low battery

Error started when I noticed my stick up camera live view wasn’t allowing me to view because of the P3-11 code, so i took my battery out and charged it up. Then after I plugged in the fully charged battery noticed i received the same error, thought maybe my battery had failed and wasn’t retaining a charge so i bought a new battery hoping it would resolve the issue but no luck and still same error. Then i deleted the camera off the app and reconnected it and still failed, then i reinstalled the app and reconnected still same result. So finally i called up hoping their was some more methods to fix problem but was told it is a firmware issue and it should be fixed within hours or days in there exact words, like what does that even mean sounds like some BS, considering the tech said it is a known issue a e-mail to their customers of this possible error would have been professional and saved me buying a new battery and wasting my time. I was refunded my subscription fee after i asked if i would be compensated for the down time, considering the subscription fee will be rising or did already and them saying it would be fixed shortly makes me feel like they actually don’t have a solution for this error and just giving me the run around. I also have a Ring Car camera that mysteriously stopped working and blue light stayed lit and when i called they said something is wrong and i will receive a replacement which i am still waiting on since November of last year with no restock info available, makes me think they have no idea what is going on and giving me the run around, now i have a ring car camera and stick up camera that don’t work and just a complete waste of my money and time!

Hi @FrazB. I would suggest giving our support team another call for assistance with your Car Cam replacement.