Ring Chime Pro stays offline

My Ring Chime Pro (Gen 1) refuses to go oline. Router ID and password have not changed. Tried multiple outlets, tried reconnect, always tells me it has connected to WiFi, but never goes online. Tried deleting+re-adding device, as well as 15-second reset. Tried other networks as well. Other devices connect to network just fine. Ring Chime Pro just stays offline and constantly blinks. Each time I try to reconnect, it reports an RSSI of 27 or lower.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi @theArtisen. It sounds like you have already tried all of the basic troubleshooting steps available for the Chime Pro, such as resetting it and deleting and re-adding it. The only other thing I will mention is to ensure that you have the Ring app fully updated. If it’s already updated and this issue still persists with the Chime Pro, please follow up with our support team for further assistance.