Ring Chime Pro pretty useless

Bought the Chime Pro. Refuses to work with a constant error message that wifi is poor and I need to locate closer so placed it within 6 inches for the same error message.
Moved it around,
tried 2.4 and 5g,
Searched through these pages,
Found a lot of people with same issue,
Some had solutions that worked, for them,
None worked for me,
So here I am, hours later,
Total failure.

My doorbell is situated 15 feet from the router and gives me weak signal errors,
But seems to generally work,

Given that these issues go back in the questions about 3 YEARS, why is this still a problem? Have Ring not heard about QA, QC, Customer Satisfaction?

I plan to return the chime pro, it’s rubbish. It simply refuses to work. So I have a doorbell but cannot get good wifi even though it is less than 20 feet from the router…

Wow! I think…