Ring Bridge Fails to Connect to Wi-Fi after Reset

Well I have my networks completely separate on separate routers and it still does not work so I wouldn’t waste your time with Century link.

This is the most frustrating thing I have dealt with in a long while using iOt devices and it really makes me happy I didn’t bundle my alarms with this mess.

I finally got a bridge connected but it took receiving a replacement bridge to do it. I’ve seen that some have also received a replacement bridge and their setup still didn’t work. So I don’t know that it’ll work for everyone, but there do seem to be some steps you can take to hopefully create a clearer path to creating a connection.

For those that are still having issues getting their bridge connected. This is what I used and some of the precautions I took while doing my setup. Hopefully, it helps someone since I have spent many hours troubleshooting w/Ring CS and attempting to install my first bridge.

Setup on:
iPhone 12 Pro Max

Network Router:
Orbi RBR750

Steps taken:

  • Made sure I was using the latest Ring App.
  • Plugged in my Bridge next to my router(previously I had plugged it in closer to the transformer I was trying to connect to towards the front of my house(router closer to the back of my house)).
  • turned Airplane mode on before attempting to connect to my local network within the setup process.

Same issue. I had this issue at a second home and the only solution there was to set. up a network with no password. Ring needs to fix this.

Hey this actually worked for me! Thanks KYIZZLE! I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The key was turning on airplane mode for whatever reason :man_shrugging: I also held the reset button for 20 seconds and after I let go it reset. (I did this first)

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It’s 2022, and I’m having the same issue. My first Bridge never worked, so I purchased a second one, which still doesn’t work. This is ridiculous. It really shouldn’t take all of these workarounds etc., to get a product to work before they conclude it is a flawed product that either needs to be completely reengineered or removed from the market altogether. They still charge the same full price for it, and now it’s coming off more like a fraud because they know of the issues.

Just to add as well, tech support never assisted me, they repeated the same things over and over again with the stuff not working and always promised to call back or email, and it never happens. I am upset that I spent money on all of their devices trying to create an integrated network for our home with this subpar service.

My Ring Bridge have been working fine for over a year and today 1-8-23, I got the notification on my iPhone that it went offline. After following the Ring App troubleshooting for more than an hour with no success, I decided to read the forums. I found this one and after I did what other had suggested of toggling airplane mode (turned Airplane mode on before attempting to connect to my local network within the setup process) THIS FIXED IT!!! The bridge connected immediately.

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Hey @Wannaryd, I’m glad to hear you were able to get your Ring Bridge back up and running. :slight_smile:

Tried but i still cant connect my app to the bridge. I even tried to use Alexa Echo as an alternate bridge but cant get that to connect either. Super frustrated with this … not sure why connectivity dropped initially … now trying to “fix” it I performed a factory reset … UGH! No I won’t call tech support … just a waste of time!