Ring Bridge Fails to Connect to Wi-Fi after Reset

Well I have my networks completely separate on separate routers and it still does not work so I wouldn’t waste your time with Century link.

This is the most frustrating thing I have dealt with in a long while using iOt devices and it really makes me happy I didn’t bundle my alarms with this mess.

I finally got a bridge connected but it took receiving a replacement bridge to do it. I’ve seen that some have also received a replacement bridge and their setup still didn’t work. So I don’t know that it’ll work for everyone, but there do seem to be some steps you can take to hopefully create a clearer path to creating a connection.

For those that are still having issues getting their bridge connected. This is what I used and some of the precautions I took while doing my setup. Hopefully, it helps someone since I have spent many hours troubleshooting w/Ring CS and attempting to install my first bridge.

Setup on:
iPhone 12 Pro Max

Network Router:
Orbi RBR750

Steps taken:

  • Made sure I was using the latest Ring App.
  • Plugged in my Bridge next to my router(previously I had plugged it in closer to the transformer I was trying to connect to towards the front of my house(router closer to the back of my house)).
  • turned Airplane mode on before attempting to connect to my local network within the setup process.

Same issue. I had this issue at a second home and the only solution there was to set. up a network with no password. Ring needs to fix this.

Hey this actually worked for me! Thanks KYIZZLE! I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The key was turning on airplane mode for whatever reason :man_shrugging: I also held the reset button for 20 seconds and after I let go it reset. (I did this first)

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