Ring blacklist IP?

For over a week now we have not been able to use the ring app (iOS or website ring.com) to use our products while connected to home Wi-Fi

On Wi-Fi at home:
When I click log in on ring.com I get a 406 access denied error immediately

When I open the the apps (ring or rapid ring) it logs me out or gives unknown error when trying to log in

On LTE at home it works fine
On LTE remotely it works fine

From research it sounds like ring is blocking my home IP.
Called customer support and they asked if we were using vpn. Answer: no
Customer support also said they don’t have tools to unblock IPs
They said to reach out to my ISP (spectrum) but didn’t tell me what I should ask them…

It was working fine for the longest time and then stopped. This happens in my wife’s equipment as well

What’s the next step?

Hi there, @Phyxiis! This is certainly an odd occurrence to hear of, and I thank you for providing such great detail. After reading through, it sounds like your Ring devices are connecting to your home wifi network, as intended, and also successfully communicating with the Ring app, but is only accessible via the Ring app when the mobile device is using cellular data. As this is also true for the website, this certainly narrows it down for us.

As long as your events and recordings (if subscribed) are making it to your Ring account (confirmed by accessing w/ cellular data), this is a great sign that the flow of communication is mostly working up until the mobile device is attempting Ring app/ website operation via wifi connection. The next best test would be to try another wifi network whenever available. If possible, you can also check your network details via your router’s user interface to confirm that the mobile device is connecting successfully to your wifi network during these attempts.

Another good step would be to try accessing Ring.com via a computer, if available, to see if only mobile devices that are on wifi are having this concern, or all devices. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Computers on Wi-Fi at home do not work when accessing ring website either.

The network connectivity of computers and phones on Wi-Fi work normally and as expected other than ring access (YouTube, google, web surfing, etc)

Hi @Phyxiis. Happy to chime in for Marley here. If you are still having this concern, I would reach out to support regarding your open support ticket so they can provide you with the details that your ISP would need. Once verified, you can ask the support agent to email you with the information needed, rather than just trying to remember it all. I hope this helps!

It seems that either ring is blocking the IP we have been given from Spectrum, again, or Ring doesn’t like the use of dns servers and It was working for a while since this post and now all of a sudden I’m being blocked again

I’m having the same exact issue. Was this ever resolved?