Ring Alarm UK: can we have the additional sensors and options please?!


we have just the simple small Ring Alarm set available here in the UK, with the option to add additional Motion, window/door sensors and extenders.

When will we be offered the full range of Ring Alarm senors and options? The lack of an external siren is very noticeable when comparing options in the market for self-install home alarms.

Being able to buy say a pack of 3 or 4 window/door sensors would also be great for those who early adopted when just the single sensor Alarm pack is available.


Any response to this Ring team? As an original tester of the UK kit due to originally having the US version in the UK. The US version allowed you to add 3rd party sirens and other items, this is much needed, as an outdoor siren is a must for any basic alarm system.


Yes I was amazed after buying a Ring alarm system in the UK to find that there was no fire/CO alarm or listener intergration or external siren (also still amazed at the lack of a glass break sensor but that’s at least not just a UK issue)


Hey neighbors! I’ve reached out to my team about the idea of having more RIng Alarm devices for the UK, similar to the US Ring Alarm Security System. There is not an ETA of this at this time, but rest assured I’ve passed on this want and desire to the appropriate teams. We will make sure to make announcements in the Community when this time comes! :slight_smile:


Will the us sensors work in the U.K.?

Sadly not, wrong frequency, even if they were straightfoward to get hold of

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Shame, as would stock up on some of the additional sensors for my system next time I’m in the states.

It’s a great shame as I bought a load of them. They cost so much cheaper too. I’m now waiting to return to USA to get money back:)

Hello, is there now an update on the ETA. Alternatively can I uninstall my app. Use a VPN changing to think I am in the USA and install the app again to get the USA version and then the app will give me the option to install third party Z wave sirens for example because innhe UK then dome siren is being sold on Amazon?

Hi @Pieman. There is not an ETA for when more Ring Alarm accessories will be available in the UK. The Ring App does not support the use of VPNs, so we do not recommend trying to utilize a VPN to use products designed for a different region. We recommend keeping an eye out on our UK News and Announcements board, as we’ll post any updates and product releases there. :slight_smile:

Any update on this?

I hate to leave Ring but when I joined almost two years ago customer service advised me they would be here (UK) soon.

All this time and nothing.

If there is nothing in place by next year I will be moving to your competitors whom do offer this (surely one the most basic things to be included?)


Thank you for your feedback on this, neighbors. We are excited to announce the Alarm 2nd Generation is coming soon for our UK neighbors! For more details please visit our Alarm 2nd Generation webpage. :slight_smile:

Hello @Murray , @Berrymeade , @londonjt , @Pieman , @Kammy1 ,

You said, “The lack of an external siren is very noticeable when comparing options in the market for self-install home alarms.”

Beside now being able to link Ring indoor and outdoor Camera sirens to the Ring Alarm Base Station siren (but not Ring Video Doorbells), in the U.S. and Canada, you can now also pre-order the new Ring Outdoor Siren Alarm with lights. Expecting shipping to start on 3/31/2021 on these pre-orders.

For in the U.K., I believe Ring will start accepting pre-orders on 3/31/2021 and you can enter your email address to be notified when pre-orders start there.

I hope you find this helpful :smiley:

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Thanks Boone for sharing the good news. Will it be possible to have two outdoor sirens synched to the same base station?



Yes @Hectorrl18 !

You can add several Outdoor Sirens all synced to the same single Ring Alarm Base Station (as long as the total number of sensors & keypads & other connected alarm devices do not exceed 99 items). It is compatible with either the 1st or 2nd Generation Alarm Base Stations.

Additionally, you can link you Ring cameras (Indoor or Outside) to have them record video but also have your Ring camera Sirens also scream when the Alarm Base Station is triggered too! The Outdoor Siren also has flashing LED lights to help others more quickly identify your home. So, it is possible to leave no doubt outside that your house is alarming!

The Outdoor Siren’s volume siren is adjustable and when set on it’s highest setting, it is over 100+ dB at 1m. It has five volume settings between silent and maximum volume. By default, the volume will play at the lowest volume and only play for 3 minutes, so you’ll have to change the default setting if you want it set on high.

It also has a cool “Dusk to Dawn” feature to make it look like a lighted security sign at night, but to use this feature you will have to connect it to a secondary power source.

It can be battery-powered (D-cell batteries included), hardwired to a power source or connected to a Ring Solar Panel (requires a Quick Release Battery Pack for solar use, sold separately)

I’m looking forward to getting this Outdoor Siren too! :smile:

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@Boone That is great news, this is exactly what I have been after and I’ll be ordering at least one on the 31st.

I don’t suppose you have any information on how long the battery life on D-Cell or Quick Release is? I know this all “depends”, but on average (providing the alarm isn’t going off all the time)?


Hi @Jamzieth. The expected battery life you can expect in the Outdoor Siren is about 3 years. This of course will depend on factors such as the amount of use and cold weather. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. What power source can I purchase ready for my delivery of the siren on Wed?

Hi @ATP. The power options for the Outdoor Siren can be found here, under the Power and Connectivity section.

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