Ring alarm isn Connecting to echo show 8

My ring alarm isn Connecting with my Echo show 8

Hi @user29423. Can you provide a little more information about the issue you are having? Can you provide clarity on the specific problem you are running into? Thanks, neighbor.

Mine is the same and has suddenly stopped working with my Amazon echo as well. Followed the usual uninstall, reinstall scale et cetera as suggested, but it is still not working.

Any ideas to fix this? Thanks

Hi neighbors. Having a bit more clarity on which part of the integration isn’t working will help us provide more relevant troubleshooting steps. Are you trying to arm or disarm your Ring Alarm via Alexa and it’s not working? Do you not see your Ring Alarm listed under the Devices tab in the Alexa app?

It’s not showing up at all on one of the alexa shows other is OK. Also I can’t make an account to pay as my 30 day trial is finished

Hi @Ca333. Are both Echo Shows on the same Alexa account? Can you share a screenshot or picture of what you see for the Echo Show that you see the Ring Alarm on? I don’t have an Echo Show myself, so screenshots will give me a better idea of what you’re seeing so I can provide useful troubleshooting tips.