Ring Alarm Feature Update 3/30/20

Updates to Emergency Contact and Monitoring Settings
You will see the following updates in your Ring app If you are eligible for Monitoring. Note: This includes Residential or Business Professional Monitoring in the US and Canada, and residential Assisted Monitoring in the UK.

  • Add From Contacts - You, the Alarm account owner, are now able to add Emergency Contacts more easily by tapping a new “ADD FROM CONTACTS” button which will allow you to select any contact saved in your mobile device. Note: You will be asked to grant the Ring App access to your contacts to be able to use this feature. See example below.

  • New Contact Lis t - Tapping on Emergency Contacts from the “Monitoring menu will now show a new single screen that lists all contacts. If you are the owner on the account you can tap each contact to easily update it.
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Nice update! Thanks!