Ring Access Controller Pro 2 - Thoughts on how to setup gate access WITHOUT using a phone (i.e. numeric vendor specific codes)


I just purchased a home that has a wrought-iron entry gate (has a double-deadbolt - keyed on both sides) that leads to a courtyard before leading towards a front door. It currently has a “Comelit” 2-wire system for gate buzzing and access control from the inside of the house (via a screen). No web-based acccess.

Next to the gate I have both a Comelit camera/door bell AND a separate keypad with a single access code that will allow somone to buzz themselves in with the code. (see pictures).

I would like to remove the Comelit system for a RING system. My preliminary thought was to purchase the “Access Controller Pro 2” to provide gate access (i.e. to be able to “buzz” people in from the Ring app or via an Echo Show 15 located inside the house to be mounted on a wall replacing my current interior Comelit device that has poor video quality) and would purchase a Ring Doorbell to provide the camera/audio/doorbell function from the exterior of the gate (replacing the current comelit camera device).

QUESTION 1: Is there a way I can connect my existing separate numeric keypad to the Ring Access Controler Pro 2 to still enable the access code (even just one single code) to be used?

QUESTION 2: Is there a better numeric keypad device that can link with the Ring Access Controller Pro 2 so I can give different people (i.e. gardener, pool tech, handyman, etc.) each their own gate access code (so they can buzz themselves in) without them needing to use a phone (some vendors dont have smartphones and I dont want them to rely on me to “buzz” them in if I am not available)? It would be great if the codes would also have the ability to limit the times they would work (ex. gardeners spcific gate access code only works on Friday’s from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Hi @CAN8V. The Ring Access Controller Pro 2 is compatible if you have a gate with an existing relay system. There are many variables to consider for installation because it really depends on how your existing system is wired. The best approach would be to contact Comelit to have a technician come out and access if this will work for you. They will also be able to determine if you can upgrade your numeric keypad.