Retrofit Access Controller Pro 2 into existing gate

Trying to replace gate phone based intercom and electric gate latch opener with Ring Access Controller Pro 2. Current system is a “DoorBell Fon” Door answering system. When a guest pushes the intercom button in rings the house phones. You can pick up any phone to talk to the guest and press * to buzz the gate latch.
I have two wires to work with:

  1. The intercom has a CAT-6 cable (using it like a phone line) running back to the comms box in master bedroom.
  2. The electric door latch has a 4-wire phone line providing power to the latch when buzzed (also runs back to comms box in Master Bedroom).
    The current controller is a “DoorBell Fon” Model DP-28C with a DP-28SW Lock Controller.

I ordered the Ring Access Controller Pro 2 and the Video Doorbell Pro 2.
Both installed to Ring system no problem. Need help connecting the electric latch. While the Access Controller is showing it is sending a signal it is not buzzing the latch. seems like i need a power source to power the latch?


Hi @SOCAL. For this concern, I suggest reaching out to a trusted electrician or installer. There’s just too many variables for me to feel comfortable making a recommendation to fix your latch concern.

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Hello, Ive been looking deeply the web to find very vague information about the wiring scheme or connection block spec on the module. I setup my first module opener three weeks ago and couldnt find any information neither through the tech support over the phone nor thorough the PDF.

I`ve been in the industry almost twenty years, and this is really unacceptable.
Were in the schematics says how to connect a REx, press to exit button or a card reader, or adjust the strike time threshold on this module?

I’m looking for the same exact information. The only answer they give to nearly any inquiry is contact a trusted installer. Very little detail on the wiring / terminals, can the hold open time be customized, etc.