Request - Secret Alerts

I would like to have the ability for sensors to provide “Secret Alerts.” By that I mean for a sensor to be placed on something like a liquor cabinet, refrigerator, etc. so that when the sensor is tripped, it sends a secret alert in ANY mode to your phone - that for instance “liquor cabinet door opened.” Competition has it and I used it with them in the past so I know for example if the teenagers opened the liquor cabinet.

Technically you can do that right now with Alexa. Just add the Ring skill to Alexa. Setup a routine for the “Secret” sensor to message your phone. Takes about two minutes to setup.

Figure out a way to do this with existing system. Read how to create Secret Alerts here: Secret Alerts - In spite of what you may have been told, you can do Secret Alerts without IFTTT or Alexa Routines