Request for Ring devices and Ring Skill for Alexa in India

Enable Ring skill for accounts.

There are so many Ring users in India asking to enable Ring skills in Alexa. Just have to enable it and nothing to change. No one is asking for additional support in India. is selling the Ring door bell so it is sold in India.

Not sure what “many” is to you, but 2 isn’t a lot. Suggestions in the 100s typically get notice.

When I say “many” I refer to:

Most of them do not know what is the feature request. They just came and replied to the post and believe that Ring support is looking at it.
And I do not see any harm in enabling the skill. None of them is asking to provide physical support in India.

32 replies, one being mine, is still not a lot.
Ring doesn’t pay attention to threads like that, only votes here.
It’s now up to 4. Still a LONG way to go before it is noticed.

There are lot of amazon customers including me have bought Ring video doorbell from US to India. Even some vendors are selling it in Amazon India website. Ring is currently owned by Amazon. Nothing stops you to enable a skill to make our life easier. That is called “Customer obsession”.

If certain features are important to folks they should likely check if those features are supported in their region. Not just wrongly assume that they will be when purchasing devices from way outside their region of the world.

There are no other payment options other than credit card. In India, vendors have to comply with RBI (Indian Central Bank) guidelines that mandate 2FA for credit cards. Ring is not compliant to these guidelines. Netflix and Google are compliant. Apple has allowed other modes of payment for their subscription. Why Amazon/ does not have such facility? I have spoken to customer service on this issue but to no avail. I get a standard answer that they are going to look into it and blame it on the bank. Currently my Ring Protect plan has been discontinued by as they payment did not go through due to the above reasons. What is the way forward? This would impact all Indian customers. Please come up with other payment options other than credit cards, like in the care of Apple or be RBI guidelines compliant like Netflix and Google.

Ring doesn’t provide subscription service in India.

Hi @user17735. Ring devices are not currently sold or shipped to India. You will not be able to sign up for a Ring Protect plan either as Ring is not officially supported in India. I’ll be moving your post over to another feature request regarding the availability of Ring devices in India, that way we can accurately keep track of all the votes for this request. :slight_smile: