Request for help

Hi everyone

I am a new ring user and I would like to protect my house fully. Can anyone guide me what all to buy

I need 7 door sensors and 3 motion detector. What other things should I order? Like outside camera, indoor camera , etc

Hi @user78769. Welcome to the Ring Community, we’re glad to have you here! It’s really up to you which Ring devices you want for your home, and you can add new devices at any time. Keep in mind that the Ring Alarm Security System is required to use Ring Alarm components, such as the Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors.

Each Ring Doorbell and Security Camera also requires 2 Mbps of download and upload speed, so it’s important to ensure you have sufficient speeds for the number of devices you want to add. We have a placement guide here which can help you determine which Ring devices you want, and where you’d like to set them up.

I’d also suggest reviewing our Ring Protect plans, to see what additional features they offer and how much they cost. The Ring Protect Basic plan covers one Ring Doorbell or Security Camera, while the Plus plan covers all devices at one location. Let us know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile: