Remove Advertising/Marketing from the Ring Community Website

Ring portrays the Ring Community website as a peer-to-peer forum. If so, why is Ring forcing obnoxious ads on its members? Clearly, doing so is very disrespectful. (It also serves as an instant reminder of how badly Ring customers are treated by Ring and its parent company.)

As an example of truly obnoxious advertising, consider the annoying/intrusive ad for the “Ring Battery Doorbell Plus” that is displayed on every Ring Community screen. Ring forces you to click on the “x” in the upper right corner of this ad if you want the ad to temporarily disappear from the screen. Unfortunately, the ad will automatically reappear the next time you visit the Ring Community website.

This advertising technique is so offensive that one has to wonder if Ring Community members are being used as non-consenting guinea pigs for some type of anti-consumer behavioral study.

In any case, one has to hope that no Ring Community members were tricked into purchasing the product in the advertisement.

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