Q: How do I access and delete my video recordings? How secure are my recordings and how long do they stay stored?

A: If you subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan (including a free trial), you can access your stored recordings, download them, or manually delete them one by one or all at once in the Ring app or by logging into your account on Ring.com. Video recordings in your account are automatically deleted following the expiration of your account’s applicable storage period under the Ring Protect Plan. For additional information regarding Ring’s video storage periods, see here and learn more about Adjusting Your Video Storage Time here. If you do not subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan, the raw video files are automatically deleted unless you posted the video to the Neighbors App while the Live View event was occurring. Video posted to the Neighbors App will be publicly available, and you can manage these shared videos at any time through the Shared Video Management section in your Control Center.

In regards to your videos’ security, we have taken measures to help secure Ring devices from unauthorized access. By default, Ring already encrypts videos when they are uploaded to the cloud (in transit) and stored on Ring’s servers (at rest). And customers with compatible devices can enable End-to-End Encryption. With this advanced security feature, customer videos are further secured with an additional lock, which can only be unlocked by a key that is stored on the customer’s enrolled mobile device, designed so that only the customer can decrypt and view recordings on their enrolled device.

Keep in mind, if you’d ever need to delete or receive a copy of the personal data associated with your account, you can make your request by logging into your account on Ring.com and going to this URL: https://ring.com/account/datarequests

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