Provide RF Backup for Chimes (Ring is too reliant on wifi and internet)

I want to start by saying I am a big fan of the Ring ecosystem. I like the ease at which I can set up the device, the customer service is good and the product generally does what it should.

With that background I have some SERIOUS ISSUES with it which they could easily fix especially its over reliance on Wifi and internet connectivity.

1. Backup RF channel for the chimes so they work when internet is down/weak.

  • The primary purpose of a doorbell is to let you know when someone is there. The number of times people have called me from the front door to say they are there (after pressing the bell a few times) is a constant frustration.
  • All it would take is a backup RF channel to the chimes (I have 3 chimes just to be safe). Even $15 doorbells have RF to their chimes, it would not cost much to add.
    *Just for comparison, here is a Chinese doorbell which does it (deliberately putting this here to put pressure on RING not to promote this product). Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3
  • Sadly my solution is to probably have to stick one of these (again not plugging this product linbell) next to the Ring doorbell and put a sticker which says “please try other doorbell if no response”.
  • I was so desperate that I spent a bunch of time trying to connect a wireless doorbell adapter to the system with parallel chimes (when it worked the house had so much ringing going on. But this proved unstable. If anyone else wants to give it a go, this is what I tried to use.

2. Tell visitor to press again

  • Since the Ring system is so sensitive to errors with wifi etc, give feedback to the visitor. When they press the bell, if it does not successfully send a signal through wifi to the user or to the chimes, just alert the visitor “please try pressing again”.
  • I have had a bunch of delivery men just leave (even when I am sitting 5m away from the gate) as the chimes did not alert me and they did not ring a second time.

I think that is a very urgent requirement! If I had known beforehand that an ISP connection is required to trigger the Ring Chime, I probably would have stayed away from the Ring Video Doorbell. Especially since hardwiring with existing non-ring chimes as fallback is not provided/possible in Europe.

Please make sure that a Ring Chime rings via local Wi-Fi even if the ISP connection is down. How else should e.g. the provider service technician ring when he comes to repair the ISP connection?

The fact that internet is required for doorbell add chime to work brings in dependence on the internet service not going down. With Chime Pro network, there is direct connection between the doorbell and chime, and there should be no reason it could not sound of without the internet (or even direct home WiFi connection).