Protect plan

Hello. My wife has an existing protect plan for our Doorbell. We moved house and I reinstalled the Doorbell along with a second Doorbell and 4 floodlight cams. As I installed them I became the owner of the products. We have found no way to transfer the plan to the new/existing products even though the cams are ‘shared’. When my wife goes into her plan account she cannot cancel it or do anything as it says she is not the owner. We have been moved over a month. Her account has continued to be debited payment but we have not received the service. We have used the 30(?)day free cover/recording from the new install (the original Doorbell was a reinstall though). This cover has now expired, and though my wife still pays this is not working on our ring products as she is not the owner, I am. Please help. Thank you.

Hi @SE11! The Protect Plans are securely assigned per device, location, and owner account. The best steps to resolve this will be to visit and log in using the old owner account. Next, visit the “My Plans” section to cancel the old Protect Plan. You will then need to log in at using the your current owner credentials and start a new Protect Plan. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: